3. Oktober 2012

Greenpeace Games Summit - Still Places available !

We still have a few places for the Greenpeace Games Summit available ! If you are interested in attending, contact us at gamestormberlin@gmail.com !

The Greenpeace Games Summit is an event organized by Greenpeace Argentina and Gamestorm Berlin, handling the topic of “Activism and Games”. The summit will take place over the course of one weekend and includes lectures, a panel discussion, evening events and a workshop.

The whole idea of the summit is to discover the synergies behind games and activism and to create concepts for using them as a leverage for environmental campaigns.

The summit will be a great chance to get to know interesting people, get new knowledge and take part in defining a new way of environmental activism.

Some facts about the event:

12. -14. of october (friday afternoon until sunday evening)
(friday: 14:00 - 22:00; Saturday: 10:00 - 20:00 Sunday: 10:00 -18:00)

Audimax & roof terrace of the Games Academy Berlin, Rungestrasse 20

  • Friday: Speaker talks and panel discussion. Afterwards a get together with BBQ.
  • Saturday: Teambuilding, Warm-up jams and Start of the Workshop. Afterwards: Dinner.
  • Sunday: Concept finalisation, prototyping and presentation. Afterwards: Closing with invited Press. 

Drinks and alcoholic beverages, in the evening, over the course of the event.
BBQ on friday, Lunch & Dinner on Saturday, Lunch on Sunday.

Free. The event is sponsored by Greenpeace and the Games Academy Berlin.

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