17. Juli 2012

Gamestorm X - Report

 On the 1st of July, the 10th Gamestorm was held at the Games Academy Berlin.
The Assignment this time was, to create games based on already existing board games. The Teams mostly didn´t know the original rules, so it was very exciting to see what the teams would do with the Systems.

We had 20 Attendants which were assembled into 5 Teams, which meant 5 awesome games ! The complete Rules for the Games are here:

Gears of War - Connundrum

 A Game about thinking ahead and understanding complex gear systems. Try to eliminate all the other players and be the last man standing !

Each turn, the Player rolls a dice, it determines which color of Gear he is allowed to move. Gears can only be switched with adjacent Gears and have to maintain their orientation.
The Player can choose at any time during his turn to rotate the gears in any direction.
A Player is eliminated once two adjacent Gears of the same Color point their Killing marker directly onto his Control Gear.

Original Rules - Chaos in der Geisterbahn:
  • There are randomized starting conditions, determined by drawing a card. 
  • In his turn, the Player rolls the dice and puts a new gear on the board
  • The Goal of the Game is, to get all "Ghost Gears" turning, this will move the Player on the board forward. 

 Vampire Battle

 Four Vampires battle over valuable ressources, try to get Ressources from the Castle and get them back to your homebase without the other Vampires stopping you !

Each Turn, the Player rolls the dice to determine how many steps he can take. The Field you end your turn on, determines what kind of Action Card you get.
Action Cards can be things like moving faster, Gaining Blood, Gaining Cards, attacking other Players, moving a Bridge.

You can attack another player by stepping on his field. To battle both player roll two dice, the first determines the base strength, the second determines the potential bonus by investing Blood.
If you loose a battle, you loose all carried ressources and you have to start again at your homebase.
Winner is, whoever has brought home the most points at the end of the Game.

Original Rules - Jagd der Vampire:
  • The Goal is to find the Tomato hidden in one of the Towers. 
  • Players roll the dice to move, they can also invest ketchup bottles to move faster.
  • The Game can be manipulated by magic cards. 
  • Battles against other players are done by rolling the dice. 


Each Player controls a Noble family, all these families want to take control over the castle...but the castle is haunted by a ghost who regulary possesses the people in the castle ! This can be to their advantage...or disadvantage.

Each Player starts with 4 Tokens of the same color. In the first turn, all players choose a starting room where all of their tokens will start. For this you cannot choose the rooms with the [1] or [3]

After this, Players roll the 2 dice each turn, the resulting number of points can be distributed amongst all your tokens.

Conquering a room: If a room you are trying to enter is occupied by another player, you have to battle for it. Both Player roll a die, the attacker has to be 1 point higher than the defender to take the room. A [3] Room is good for the defender, as there, the attacker has to roll 2 points higher...however in the [1] rooms the attacker has get only equal the rolled number of the defender.

Rolling the Ghost: If the white die shows the Ghost, this means that the ghost comes into play. It posesses a token of your choice and is able to move as many fields as the second die shows. The Ghost can move through walls and pushes every toke he touches out of the room he passes.

Goal: The Game ends, once a player gets all 4 of his tokens into a room.

Original Rules - Hugo the Ghost
  • Every player controls a color. 
  • Players move by throwing the die. 
  • If the Ghost is rolled, he moves 3 steps up from the cellar, once he reaches the top, all players not in a room loose 1 point.
  • Winner is whoever has the most points at the end of the Game. 

Godly Memory

An epic battle amongst the olympian gods which can only be won with a keen mind and good memory.

At the start every field of the game has a hidden card on it. Every player chooses his god and his starting point.

The first quest card is drawn, it determines the order in which the cards have to be found.
In his turn, each player plays one of his movementcards (1-5). The field on which he ends the turn is displayed to all players, if it corresponds with the card the players are currently searching for, then the players gets a point and the field stays visible. In the other case, the field is turned around again.
At the end of the turn, the player can move the boat on any field, this blocks the field from being revealed by any player.
The Game ends once all Fields are revealed, the player with the most points wins the game.

Original Rules - Odysseus
  • Each Player has three hidden goals, they represent trials odysseus has to pass. 
  • When Odysseus lands on one of your trials, you get a point. 
  • Odysseus can be moved by controlling the wind with your divine powers. 
  • The first Player with 10 points wins the game. 

Dice Wars

 A tactical game for two Players, use foresight and intelligent planning to beat your opponent.

The board is 5x5 squares big and each player has 5 dice which are distributed with random numbers on one edge.
In your turn, you can move one Dice the number of fields it shows on the top. You can turn freely but you can´t retrace your steps backwards.
The Goal of the game is to have the highest value of connected pieces after 10 Turns.
For this, enemy pieces can also be used if they are surrounded by at least 2 of your pieces.

Original Rules - Tactics
  • Players can draw their dice the number of fields it shows on top. 
  • When your move ends on an enemy die, it is taken out of the game. 
  • The goal is, to take the enemy "king die" out of the game. 

The Gamestorm ended with a chilled out barbeque and casually hanging out together. There were of course some rounds of ninja and other games played. For more Photos, see our facebook page.

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